Jason Halpern’s Success in Real Estate and Philanthropy

Jason Halpern is a passionate real estate developer and investor. He is the scion of the founder of JHM Developers, a company with over 50 years of good reputation in the real estate industry. JHM Developers concentrates on luxurious housing projects. The company has worked in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, the company has managed to stand out among the best real estate development businesses in the country. It concentrates on innovation to deliver client’s needs.

Jason Halpern

About JMH Developments

JMH Developments has a team of experts in every field of operation, from marketing, building, PR, and management. It is one of the key factors that has contributed to the rapid growth and development of the company. JMH has also been able to build a solid reputation for being the best real estate development company in the country. In the recent past, the company work, the renewal of historical buildings like Ankara hotel, turned out to magnificent. The hotel’s buildings were modernized successfully.

About Jason Halpern

Halpern has played a significant role in the success of the company. For over 50 years that the business has been in operation under Halpern’s leadership, the company has built hundreds of apartments and other properties in New York. JMH Developments has also built over a million square feet of Class A commercial spaces in Westchester County. Halpern also helped JHM Development Company in acquisition and development of various properties. Among these properties include historic buildings used as landmarks. Without Halpern, the company could not have reached the point it is now.

Business and Philanthropy

Jason stands out from other real estate developers because of his passion and niche in rebuilding and renovating ancient buildings. He is also good in relating with people. It is a quality that impacted his career and his company positively. Halpern also has a keen interest in giving back to the community. He has involved the company in various charitable projects. Among these projects include water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. He pledged $20,000 from every project JMH Developments carries out. So far, the project has provided over 600 people with water in these two countries.

Jason Halpern

Halpern made an investment in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in Westchester Medical Center. The project focuses on providing medical services in neurosurgery, open-heart surgery among other complex surgeries. It also offers services like limbs reattachment, caters for burn victims among others.


Jason Halpern’s life and career have been a success. He founded one of the best real estate developments company in the country. After all the success, he involved himself and his company in charity. Today, thousands of people have benefited from his humanitarian projects.