Securus Technologies Developing Wireless Containment System to Protect Inmates and Officers

Securus Technologies offers a wide array of correctional services and is amongst the top most companies in the correctional field. The company started operations in the year of 1986 and has since then contributed immensely to the corrections space through its innovative and cutting-edge technology and the modernization it has spiraled in the corrections space.


Securus Technologies has ensured that the company can retain its top position in the industry through investment in innovation and research and consistent customer service. Without efficient customer service, it is not possible for any company in the service sector to flourish or sustain its leadership position. Securus Technologies has won many different awards for its products and services, including the famous Gold Stevie Award.


One of the technologies that Securus Technologies recently developed is the Wireless Containment System. This technique would help the correctional facilities to be more secure and ensure that no outside contraband phones can be used illegally inside the prison premise. The problem of the contraband phone is old, and it has made it difficult for the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently or control crime.


The criminals inside the prison use their network and manage to get the contraband phones inside the prison, which they use later on to control criminal activities or keep in touch with the other gang members. In essence, any unauthorized communication by the inmates can be potentially dangerous and may have criminal intent, which can be harmful to the community as well as the officers. Many law enforcement officers have had to face assault, and many others have even died due to the use of contraband phones, and what it led to outside the prison.


Securus Technologies has invested over $40 million in the development of wireless containment system, and it is the only contraband interdiction technology available right now that is tested, approved, and accepted. The wireless containment system that Securus Technologies offer has been developed after consulting with the corrections officers who have years of experience in confiscating the contraband packages and phones inside the prison, and know well how the inmates operate to get the contraband supply. One of these corrections officers that now work as a consultant at Securus Technologies is Robert Johnson. He has provided his expertise on the matter to help make wireless containment system by Securus Technologies more efficient.


The story of Robert Johnson as the corrections officer is what led to the accelerating the development of wireless containment system. In one year, the broadcast containment system has been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communications through the contraband phones from inside the prison. It is a remarkable achievement for a technology that is still in the development stage.

Securus Technologies – Equipping Law Enforcement Officers with Advanced Technology to Perform Better

Securus Technologies is playing a significant role in advancing the field of correctional technology and has introduced some of the highly advanced products and services. Securus Technologies is a company that has made a tremendous impact in the industry due to its focus on innovation and research and development. The primary purpose of Securus Technologies has been from the very beginning to modernize the incarceration experience, and it believes that it can only be done by integrating technology with it. It is for this reason; the company continues to develop new products and services frequently to help the inmates reconnect with their loved ones back home.

One of the biggest problems that the inmates face is to live in isolation away from their friends and family, and providing them with affordable and accessible communication opportunities play a vital role in alleviating stress from their lives. At present, the company holds over 600 patents in the field, and the company continues to invest millions in acquiring new patents as and when possible and available. Securus Technologies recently announced new service named video visitation that would ensure that the family doesn’t have to travel all the way to the prison to meet the inmate, but can meet virtually with the help of a smart device.


Inmates and their family can meet and greet over the tablets, which would save the travelling cost and would also help in adding to more communication opportunities. Securus Technologies also provides investigative technology and related products and services. The company shared what the law enforcement officers feel about these products and services through a news release online, and it was filled with positive feedbacks from the law enforcement officers from across the country. I believe that Securus Technologies is doing a great job in equipping the law enforcement agencies with advanced technology to perform better.



How Securus Technologies is Helping Catch Dangerous Criminals

I work in law enforcement, and we only have so many resources available to help catch most-wanted criminals and get them in the court or back in jail. Many times I have to rely on my own wits and senses to think like a criminal, to try and catch them before they put the general population at risk. Even thinking in that manner, the criminals are always a step ahead of us.


One of the techniques I started to employ was going back to the jails where these criminals were housed and try to get information from other inmates. While they might not be willing to speak to me directly, when they make use of the inmate communication system, we are allowed to listen in to all calls and to use that information in our pursuits to getting these suspects back in jail.


One criminal in particular, a high-ranking gang member, was recently let out of a jail in error, and we needed to get him back in jail in a timely manner before he hurt innocent people. Even though I was closely monitoring the communication system, the coded words these inmates use was making it impossible to collect any data on his whereabouts.


The Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communicate system that was supposed to revolutionize law enforcement efforts. Once I was fully trained on the LBS software, I was in a great position to listen to the chatter between gang members more intently. It was during one of these calls that we got the word where this suspect was held up, and when he was leaving the country.


Thanks to the training I received on the LBS software, we caught the suspect as he was making a drive to the border with his family and close friends in the gang.


Securus Technologies Provides Correctional Facilities with Crucial Crime Prevention Solutions

Managing correctional facilities is a challenging task with significant risks. Smuggled contraband, corrupt staff, criminal activity and planning all fall under the responsibility of facility managers who must walk a fine line of prisoner treatment versus safety.


Securus Technologies offers technological solutions to help their clients manage these challenging situations. They offer a comprehensive suite of call, email, finance and administrative prisoner management options, and, so far, their customers are more than satisfied with the performance.


In a recent release, Securus published reviews from its customers, and a picture of a technology company that provides services advanced enough to meet legal standards emerged. Multiple clients credit Securus technology with direct prevention of criminal activity inside their correctional facilities. Through call monitoring, prison staff was alerted to contraband smuggled into and around the prison. Drugs, cell phones, and other dangerous materials were identified along with the identities of those responsible. In one notable case, Securus’ call monitoring identified a staff member as the culprit, and gave the facility enough evidence to end the corruption.


Crime prevention is one of Securus’ most helpful features, but what stands out sharply in this field is the reliable nature of that technology. As technological advances occur, the legal system frequently struggles to stay caught up, and innovative prisoners have the advantage. Securus provides innovative technology and related evidence that remains sound and defensible. The recordings and other security enhancements must be able to withstand scrutiny in a legal setting to be effective, and so far they have easily met that standard.


Securus Technologies is trusted with over one million inmates in thousands of facilities across the continent. If recent customer praise is any evidence, the company will be welcome in the correctional field for decades to come.