Dr. Mark Holterman, an internationally acclaimed pediatrician, and researcher

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a pediatrician of comprehensive experience and an educator of high repute. After building a career spanning over twenty years as a medical practitioner and an authoritative researcher, Dr. Mark Holterman took up an offer at the University of Illinois College of Medicine as a professor of pediatrics and surgery. It was here that Dr. Mark was acknowledged for his remarkable contribution to the profession by the American Diabetes Association and awarded the prestigious Innovative Research Award.

Dr. Holterman special interests in stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, novel cancer interventions and obesity. Also attached to several children hospitals such as St. Francis Medical Centre, Illinois Children’s Hospital and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as a visiting surgeon, Dr. Holterman has been a professor at the University of Illinois since 2011.

After graduating with a distinction from the revered Yale University where he had majored in biology, Dr. Mark went ahead to earn his master’s in Medicine and Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Virginia. After completing his residency in general surgery at the university’s Department of Health Sciences, he went ahead to attain his fellowship at the Medical Centre and the Children hospital, specializing in pediatric surgery.

Having been the surgeon-in-chief at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and being simultaneously attached at the Rush University Medical Centre as an attending pediatric surgeon, Dr. Holterman has no doubt earned recognition for his outstanding achievement in pediatric surgery.

Notably, Dr. Holterman has maintained concurrent undertakings both as a university professor and also as the Chief Executive Officer of Mariam Global Health, a post he has held since 2012 (http://peoria.medicine.uic.edu/departments/surgery/surgery-faculty/name/mark-holterman/). A global body namely International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam has benefited from the input of Dr. Holterman as he has been giving his full support to their work in Vietnam.

The organization has been running several operations to provide doctors and supplies needed in the region. The goal of the body is to improve the health of the children of the vulnerable parts of Vietnam. For splitting his time between job and charitable causes like these, Dr. Holterman has successfully contributed to the larger goal of the organization.

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