Why Choose Stream Energy

Many homes wonder with the sudden rise of energy bills that they actually anticipated. Many questions always run into people`s mind why energy bills are beyond manageable. Stream Energy provides the answer to all problems and questions (HighTechChronicle). Household equipment such as gadgets, entertainment system, and kitchen equipment consume high energy when the switches are on regardless if one is using or not. These home equipment have a hidden cost which is significant over time.


Managing home equipment alone like the gadgets and entertainment system one can save up to $150 annually. The same goes for the printer, computer screen, and game console. By cutting down all the power that flows into this system one can save up to $35 each year. Diligence is the only way to save money from this phantom drain. One should also batch the gadget onto strips of power and also shut them down when not in use to save the unnecessary cost of energy bills.


Stream Energy is a privately held company that deals with connecting homes with wireless services, energy, and protective devices. The headquarters of stream energy id Dallas, Texas in Tollway Building. It was started in 2004 by two people; Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki. The current CEO of Stream Energy is Larry Mondry. He assumed this position in 2016.


In just one decade, Stream Energy has grown to be the largest firm offering direct sales of energy. The company pays millions of dollars to clients who refer friends and family to them. What makes the company competitive is the transparency and affordable rates. Stream Energy save people who do not want to get fixed from a long-term contract. Additionally, Stream Energy does not fluctuate its energy rates according to seasons meaning what customers see is what the get regardless of any time of the year. The contract terms for the firms is also flexible and take care of needs of individual customers.

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