Importance of Wikipedia

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of America this January. After the special inauguration ceremony, the office of the president and all the accompanying social media accounts transitioned to him.
In Wikipedia, however, things are complicated. The encyclopedia is crowd-sourced, and this means that anyone can edit any pages on the site. Most of the website users have not been able to state when Donald Trump will take his office officially. The Wikipedia page belonging to the president of America is believed to have been bouncing back between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. The users cannot decide who the current president is.

A group of people says that Barack Obama should be the president of the country until the end of January, while others say that Trump is already the president. The date of the inauguration is already past, and this means that the page is due for the particular update.

Wikipedia is known to many as an online collaborative encyclopedia. The site does not hire content writers to help in creating the post like the rest of the online encyclopedias. The website is open, and when used in the right way, it can become a very useful online marketing tool for personal branding or businesses.

Why your name and brand should be on Wikipedia
Individuals who use Wikipedia as their marketing site reap significant benefits. Here are some of them
• Your personal brand or business Wikipedia page brings significant improvements, especially to the business and brand reputation.
• The users can edit or create a Wikipedia business page, brand or their biography posts through the website.
• Using Wikipedia as a marketing tool increases the sales and profits of business.
• It significantly adds a great value of authenticity, prestige, and credibility to your brand, persona or business.
• The site also enhances the visibility of brands and businesses in the search engine results.
• Individuals who use the site say that it offers them credible and additional website presence that depicts their business with integrity.
It is paramount to understand that a business or a brand can only reap these benefits if you follow all the writing guidelines in Wikipedia. If these guidelines are not met, the posts are removed or even flagged from the site. The site doesn’t allow its users to create promotional or biased content too.

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