Rocketship Education – Highlighting the Difference Between Student Proficiency and Growth Metrics

Rocketship schools in Nashville are using a highly effective method to track each student’s progress. It is called the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP. It is a unique approach because it measures a student’s growth during the school year. Most assessments occur the year after. It highlights the difference between a proficiency score and a growth score.

Proficiency scores only reveal if a student is performing at grade level during a specific period of time. Growth scores measure the degree of learning regardless of the student’s starting point. The MAP method is critical, especially, to assist students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Poverty can hurt children in so many ways.

Impoverished students begin school and may never catch up with their peers. If they remain in school, the achievement gaps is noticeable for every subject they test in. Rocketship believes that an effective public school system should be able to close this gap and provide a level playing field for every student to achieve.

Rocketship’s mission is to bring about a major educational change for low-income communities. They offer a school model that is both sustainable and scalable. It helps students to excel through effective teaching and parental involvement at every step along the way.

Rocketship education provides an effective solution to education because of its core values:

  •  Authenticity – Transparency helps the company to assess its own growth and effectiveness in an honest and humble way.
  •  Community – Rocketship believes that community should be involved in the process. Parents get involved in the hiring process of teachers.
  •  Tenacity – Rocketship also pursues an aggressive agenda toward its goals of realizing ambitious outcomes for the organization.

Rocketship believes that all children deserve an education that is on par. Education is important. Children are the future of the world. An education opens doors and allows people to dream and accomplish.