The Tale Of Bob Reina: Former Police Officer Reflects On Talk Fusion’s Creation

Bob Reina details the moment that clicked and propelled the police officer towards a career in direct marketing leading to the foundation of Talk Fusion. in a recent Inspire article Talk Fusion CEO reveals it was an AOL flaw (inability to transmit video embedded emails), the main internet service provider at that time, that led to the eventual success of creating video email as the flagship product of the video marketing company

Reina credits core networking marketing principles for attracting initial and current customers, one of the key strategies is building on a current network of contacts, referred to as a “warm market” in the direct sales industry. True to video e-mail revolutionary roots, Reina remains a permanent champion of video as a life-changing tool, emphasizing video’s effectiveness at “building relationships” resulting in strong consumer responsiveness.

A University of South Florida graduate, Bob Reina has climbed a fascinating trail, from police officer working the streets while slowly creating a home-based business, to direct sales magnate achieving success incorporating video functions smoothly into email- to CEO of Talk Fusion, the 7th largest video communication company in the world and currently one of the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association, when valued in terms of sales revenue and growth.

The police academy valedictorian stays true to Florida roots and is involved in the community as well as on social media. A Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube page shares photos, comments, and biographical information. Community outreach is an integral part of Reina’s life, detailed by Reina’s continued efforts to assist a foundation true to heart, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay can attest to countless contributions that Bob Reina has shared over the years. Reina is one of the largest donors to the animal welfare organization, known for spending countless volunteer hours in addition to generous amounts of financial assistance provided. Talk Fusion and The Humane Society of Tampa Bay recently collaborated to produce a “Message From The Animals”- a video showcasing available furry friends.


Whitney Wolfe Takes A Huge Dive Into Social Media With Dating App

The dating app industry growing at rate that people would have never assumed. Singles are gaining a lot of inspiration from the dating industry. It is just a matter of time before people make a decision to sign up for a new dating app. The large number of people that are tied to the dating apps are trying to find something that is unique. This is what Whitney Wolfe represents. She is looking for someone different.

There is a buzz about what she has managed to do in the dating industry. The Bumble app that she created represents a lot of new changes that the dating app world has not seen before. There is a chance that many people will discover this change and embrace it. More people are able to see the benefits of using a new type of app like Bumble because it gives women with the chance to lead. This is new. Whitney Wolfe wasn’t expecting this type of fanfare, but millions of people have signed up. She is just getting started. It is only a matter of time before this become the app that is used for every social media need.

Networking and friendship building are also great elements that Whitney Wolfe is working on for her new extensions to the Bumble brand. She has shown that there is strength in innovation, and she has made it her mission to really do what it takes to take things to the next level. It is so surprise that Whitney Wolfe is successful. She has already shown people that she was serious about building dating apps when she gave people Tinder. Now she is back all over again with a new app. This time she is not the co-founder. This time Bumble is her solo app project.

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