Brian Bonar: Entrepreneur, Engineer and Restaurateur

Enterprising, proactive and multifaceted.These are just a few of the words that describe San Diego-based businessman and entrepreneur Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a company located in San Diego that is known as Trucept Inc. Bonar’s company Trucept Inc. provides services to other businesses that are aimed at making them more efficient and better equipped to meet their obligations to their employees.

But long before Bonar was the most se’nior leader at Trucept Inc. he worked in the early days of the computer industry as a mechanical engineer. Bonar worked for the technology company IBM during the era when personal computers were just beginning to become a new trend in the world of retail.

Through Bonar was a skilled engineer with advanced training in mechanical engineering he was interested in having a career that would allow him to do more than use his knowledge of the inner workings of computers. He wanted to seek out positions in other areas of the business world.

When he left the technical side of the consumer technology world he would go on to work in sales and marketing for another company. This time, however, instead of doing work that involved personal computers he would work on building relationships in foreign markets to sell printers for his employer.

Bonar’s new company would be known as Bezier Systems and it would distinguish itself from other players in the market by specializing in its own original printing technology. This would lead to Bonar becoming a serial entrepreneur who would develop skills in launching, building and raising capital for companies.

Today Bonar has set his sights on other business challenges that have allowed him to cultivate skills outside of the technology and business services sectors. In addition to being a business executive and a trained mechanical engineer he is now able to add restaurateur to his list of skills. According to San Diego Magazine Bonar is the owner of a California-based restaurant that is known as Bellamy’s.

Brian Bonar has been creating a network of fine restaurants in the San Diego area that includes both Bellamy’s and a restaurant that comes with a ranch and event spaces known as the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. Bellamy’s has been able to distinguish itself as a down-to-earth restaurant that offers San Diego residents with meals and dishes that they might otherwise have to a plane to France to experience. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

According to Bloomberg, this is all due to a incredibly gifted chef that Brian Bonar was able to score for Bellamy’s. Award-winning French chef Patrick Ponsaty has worked as Bellamy’s main chef, creating dishes that prove why he won the title of Master Chef of France.