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Lime Crime took the internet by storm, and is well known for its wild color palettes, equally colorful names, and being vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime is a brilliant cosmetic company, developed by none other than the self-proclaimed ‘Unicorn Queen,’ Doe Deere. Lime Crime has over 3 million adoring fans, all avid supporters of one of the most interesting, fiercely independent, and memorable cosmetic companies.


Born in Russia, Doe Deere made a splash with her creativity when she journeyed to NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now based in Los Angeles, Doe Deere stays quite busy continually developing her business. Doe starts her day off by waking up, doing some stretches, and enjoying a light breakfast.


Before Doe heads out the door, she makes sure to dote on her feline companions. Of course, Doe makes sure to have her hair curled into its signature ringlets, and applies her makeup with perfection. Doe definitely makes listening to others a priority. So, amidst her busy schedule filled with meetings, Doe spends time using apps, texting, and more to communicate with her team members.


Lime Crime was invented out of necessity, as many great businesses are. When Doe decided to design her own fashion line, she realized that something was missing. There were no makeups available in the vibrant shades that she needed to make her looks complete. Even more important, there were not cosmetic companies who believed in producing vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics that were affordable, fun to wear, and accessible.


Lime Crime managed to shock the world, when Doe successfully built up a cult-like following of dedicated fans, nearly all online. When most cosmetic companies played it safe, Doe took a chance on marketing her wares online. She used video tutorials, giveaways, and made her cosmetics appear fun.


Doe Deere definitely is a ‘Unicorn Queen,’ as she espouses values like the importance of being yourself, expressing your individuality, and living life out loud. Lime Crime’s colors are not for the faint of heart. And, much like the unicorn that is the company’s mascot is magical and unique, Doe Deere thinks anyone who wears her makeup should embrace being unique too.


Doe Deere’s imagination, passion for innovation, and belief in strongly being authentically yourself has developed Lime Crime into the powerhouse that it is today. Cosmetic fans worldwide can enjoy purchasing lipsticks, foundation, eye makeups, and more to accent their equally bold fashion choices.


When not busy working at Lime Crime, or dreaming up new directions for her company, Doe Deere believes in giving back to others. Doe Deere makes donations regularly to various charities supporting animals and humans, and loves to be of service to others. When Doe attends various conventions related to business and entrepreneurship, she makes sure to dispense her wisdom gleaned over the years, and most importantly listen to others.


Lime Crime has a magical and bright future ahead, with Doe Deere at the helm. Doe’s vivid imagination continues to leave fans begging for more Lime Crime.


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