Securus Technologies Developing Wireless Containment System to Protect Inmates and Officers

Securus Technologies offers a wide array of correctional services and is amongst the top most companies in the correctional field. The company started operations in the year of 1986 and has since then contributed immensely to the corrections space through its innovative and cutting-edge technology and the modernization it has spiraled in the corrections space.


Securus Technologies has ensured that the company can retain its top position in the industry through investment in innovation and research and consistent customer service. Without efficient customer service, it is not possible for any company in the service sector to flourish or sustain its leadership position. Securus Technologies has won many different awards for its products and services, including the famous Gold Stevie Award.


One of the technologies that Securus Technologies recently developed is the Wireless Containment System. This technique would help the correctional facilities to be more secure and ensure that no outside contraband phones can be used illegally inside the prison premise. The problem of the contraband phone is old, and it has made it difficult for the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently or control crime.


The criminals inside the prison use their network and manage to get the contraband phones inside the prison, which they use later on to control criminal activities or keep in touch with the other gang members. In essence, any unauthorized communication by the inmates can be potentially dangerous and may have criminal intent, which can be harmful to the community as well as the officers. Many law enforcement officers have had to face assault, and many others have even died due to the use of contraband phones, and what it led to outside the prison.


Securus Technologies has invested over $40 million in the development of wireless containment system, and it is the only contraband interdiction technology available right now that is tested, approved, and accepted. The wireless containment system that Securus Technologies offer has been developed after consulting with the corrections officers who have years of experience in confiscating the contraband packages and phones inside the prison, and know well how the inmates operate to get the contraband supply. One of these corrections officers that now work as a consultant at Securus Technologies is Robert Johnson. He has provided his expertise on the matter to help make wireless containment system by Securus Technologies more efficient.


The story of Robert Johnson as the corrections officer is what led to the accelerating the development of wireless containment system. In one year, the broadcast containment system has been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communications through the contraband phones from inside the prison. It is a remarkable achievement for a technology that is still in the development stage.

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