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NewsWatch TV is a program that displays a variety of shows. They feature many topics including important news and public service announcements. NewsWatch TV began in March of 1990 and focused their work primarily on financial help. As of a couple of months ago, they had shown 1,229 episodes. Their work has earned them a handful of awards and recognitions. Due to their increasing popularity, there have been a variety of companies who have wanted to advertise their product on NewsWatch TV. One of those companies was Avanca. Avanca needed to raise $10,000 within 30 days. They hosted a campaign to help them accomplish the goal. However, they still needed support and assistance in meeting their goal. They hired NewsWatch TV to promote their product. In result, Avanca smashed their original goal by almost 3,000%. They raised over $450,000 during the campaign and had great success. Another company who benefitted from the assistance of NewsWatch TV was Contour Design. This business was also trying to reach campaign goals. Instead of focusing on raising money, their main goal was to increase sales and exposure of their product. NewsWatch put their product on air and in result, Contour Design flourished. They saw a dramatic increase in sales of their product. Saygus Smartphone is another company who had set out campaign goals. They wanted to raise money, but needed help meeting their goal. They hired NewsWatch TV to help. After their product was shown on television, they greatly exceeded their campaign goal. They raised over $300,000 more than their original goal. The final company that benefitted greatly from working with NewsWatch TV was Steelseries. This gaming gear company was not hosting a campaign but instead, simply wanted to increase the exposure to their products. In result, 95 million people viewed their gaming gear.

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  1. I believe why most business failed to flourish, is solely because of exposure. This is even as most business owners spend large amount on publicity without getting any great result. You might not know what to do when meditating however, knowing this would increase your chances of successful meditation. You can get success from advertising when you use the right medium which I believe NewsWatch TV certainly delivers.

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