Jorge Moll, the Accomplished Brazilian Neurologist and a Businessman

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian entrepreneur and cardiologist in his early 70s. He is one of the Brazilian dreamers who has worked so hard in life. Jorge Moll is a trained cardiologist. His journey to become an entrepreneur commenced in 1997. He had a powerful passion medicine and in that year (1997), he founded a diagnostic imaging company. He studied visiting research scholar at the University of Stanford. He is the founder of a health diagnostic laboratory which later transformed and emerged as one of the largest hospital and laboratory in Brazil.



After founding the health diagnostic laboratory, he sold it in 2010 to a Brazilian medical services provider, Fleury SA. In the same year, he gained control over a Sao Paulo based groups hospital called Sao Luiz. Jorge Moll Filho is the current president of Rede D’or board of directors. He graduated from the school of medicine in 1994 from Federal University ( He also did neurology and graduated in the same university in 1997 Jorge Moll got Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology and faculty of medicine from the University of Sao Paulo.




Jorge Moll owns 78% of the hospital. Rede D’Or currently holds more than 20 hospitals. In the year 2013, he relinquished his position as the CEO and became the board Chairman. He is a member of the international Neuro-ethics Society, Brazilian Academy of Science, Organization for Human Brain Mapping and Science for Neuroscience. Jorge Moll’s specialty is in Human Neuroscience. Jorge Moll has studied hard and has both the knowledge and experience in various fields. He has expertise in guilt, anterior hypothalamus, major depressive disorder, moral sentiment, neuro-feedback, attitude, support vector machine, limbic system, empathy and social values.




Jorge Moll is the head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Section. Being such an ambitious man, he has achieved so much in life. He is a mentor to many young entrepreneurs, who think that some dreams are out of their reach. For Jose, it boils down to passion and the sole desire to achieve milestones in his career. For those who work in medical fields, Jose is a perfect definition of a role model.

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