Securus Technologies – Equipping Law Enforcement Officers with Advanced Technology to Perform Better

Securus Technologies is playing a significant role in advancing the field of correctional technology and has introduced some of the highly advanced products and services. Securus Technologies is a company that has made a tremendous impact in the industry due to its focus on innovation and research and development. The primary purpose of Securus Technologies has been from the very beginning to modernize the incarceration experience, and it believes that it can only be done by integrating technology with it. It is for this reason; the company continues to develop new products and services frequently to help the inmates reconnect with their loved ones back home.

One of the biggest problems that the inmates face is to live in isolation away from their friends and family, and providing them with affordable and accessible communication opportunities play a vital role in alleviating stress from their lives. At present, the company holds over 600 patents in the field, and the company continues to invest millions in acquiring new patents as and when possible and available. Securus Technologies recently announced new service named video visitation that would ensure that the family doesn’t have to travel all the way to the prison to meet the inmate, but can meet virtually with the help of a smart device.


Inmates and their family can meet and greet over the tablets, which would save the travelling cost and would also help in adding to more communication opportunities. Securus Technologies also provides investigative technology and related products and services. The company shared what the law enforcement officers feel about these products and services through a news release online, and it was filled with positive feedbacks from the law enforcement officers from across the country. I believe that Securus Technologies is doing a great job in equipping the law enforcement agencies with advanced technology to perform better.



Samuel Strauch Reveals What the Future Holds For Metrik Holdings During An Interview With Lynn Fose

Strauch is a renowned real estate investor in Miami. Mr. Strauch attended Hofstra University in New York where he graduated with a degree in business. He later joined Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University for further studies.

Samuel Strauch began his career in the banking industry but eventually joined his family’s real estate business in South Florida. While serving in the family business, he utilized his expertise in business to retain the existing clients and explore new markets. Strauch was very successful in running the family business, but he later decided to form his company, which he has continued to expand to date. Samuel has succeeded in developing a platform for complimentary enterprises in acquisitions, equity sourcing, and development of real estate. The platform also helps to and in the brokerage of real estate in Latin America and South Florida.

During an interview with Lynn Fosse, the Senior Editor at CEOCFO Magazine, he was asked about his vision when he started Metrik Holdings. Samuel Strauch was quick to note that the idea was born 15 years ago when he moved to Miami and saw an excellent opportunity in the real estate sector. Miami was undergoing a transformation from being a resort town to a full-fledged city. Therefore, there was a great opportunity to establish a real estate business.

When asked to share the vision and focus for Metric today, Samuel Strauch noted that the company is paying close attention to the rapid changes in the way people work, live, and the way they travel. Strauch said that the company is currently focusing their efforts to industries and projects that meet the needs of the modern consumers. Samuel Strauch shared a lot of things about Metrik Holdings with Lynn Fose, but the interview could not end without him disclosing his next steps and for Metrik Real Estate. Mr. Strauch noted that the company aims at undertaking numerous projects in hospitality businesses and experiential real estate places.

About Samuel Strauch
Strauch is a licensed real estate agent serving South Florida and Latin America for about 14 years. Strauch is currently working with Affinity Realty Group in Miami Beach. Samuel Strauch has completed numerous projects in Aventura, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Sunny Isles Beach, and Margate.

George Soros Is a Target of the Right

George Soros has become the favored target of the right, and he has been reported many times over for the good work he does around the world. The right does want him to succeed, and Business Insider has reported on this many times over. Someone who is following George Soros will notice that he has done quite a lot of work to help people, and he is giving to the progressive causes that he believes in most. George Soros is a strong person who gives where he has the most belief, and he is now helping progressive agendas move forward.

#1: The Target

George has become a target of the right as they enjoy pointing out that he is a rich person who gives to liberal politicians. George is giving money around the world to people who need it, and he is supporting progressive agendas that are informed by his experience as a child. He does not want to see the world become the horrible place that he knew during the holocaust, but he sees parallels that are troubling to him.

#2: Giving Back

George is seeking out many places where he may give his money for the cause of the progressive world. He is giving money to the Open Society Foundation, and he is giving to political causes that he believes will stop the conservative movement. The conservative movement does not want George to expose any wrongdoing that has occurred in their ranks. He is giving to PACs that will fight people who are doing wrong, and he is giving to causes that will ensure the conservative movement is stopped in the midterm elections.

#3: The Economy

George has pointed out problems with the economy that he is concerned about. He made his money in currency speculation, and he wishes to help people learn about economic trends. The trends that he notices will be helpful for all who are following him, and he may explain to them how the trends around the world could be troubling. Know more on about George Soros.

#4: Supporting Refugees

The support of refugees is a large part of George’s platform, and there are many different people who are pointing to George saying that he wants refugees to come to America and harm people. Refugees are fleeing from bad situations, and the right wants to paint George as someone who supports terrorism. He is merely helping people who have been placed in the worst situation possible.

There are quite a few people who are simply pointing at George Soros is not good for the right, and they pick him out as a target because he is a wealthy man. His wealth does not make him any less good for society and the people he helps.