How Securus Technologies is Helping Catch Dangerous Criminals

I work in law enforcement, and we only have so many resources available to help catch most-wanted criminals and get them in the court or back in jail. Many times I have to rely on my own wits and senses to think like a criminal, to try and catch them before they put the general population at risk. Even thinking in that manner, the criminals are always a step ahead of us.


One of the techniques I started to employ was going back to the jails where these criminals were housed and try to get information from other inmates. While they might not be willing to speak to me directly, when they make use of the inmate communication system, we are allowed to listen in to all calls and to use that information in our pursuits to getting these suspects back in jail.


One criminal in particular, a high-ranking gang member, was recently let out of a jail in error, and we needed to get him back in jail in a timely manner before he hurt innocent people. Even though I was closely monitoring the communication system, the coded words these inmates use was making it impossible to collect any data on his whereabouts.


The Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communicate system that was supposed to revolutionize law enforcement efforts. Once I was fully trained on the LBS software, I was in a great position to listen to the chatter between gang members more intently. It was during one of these calls that we got the word where this suspect was held up, and when he was leaving the country.


Thanks to the training I received on the LBS software, we caught the suspect as he was making a drive to the border with his family and close friends in the gang.


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