Whitney Wolfe Takes A Huge Dive Into Social Media With Dating App

The dating app industry growing at rate that people would have never assumed. Singles are gaining a lot of inspiration from the dating industry. It is just a matter of time before people make a decision to sign up for a new dating app. The large number of people that are tied to the dating apps are trying to find something that is unique. This is what Whitney Wolfe represents. She is looking for someone different.

There is a buzz about what she has managed to do in the dating industry. The Bumble app that she created represents a lot of new changes that the dating app world has not seen before. There is a chance that many people will discover this change and embrace it. More people are able to see the benefits of using a new type of app like Bumble because it gives women with the chance to lead. This is new. Whitney Wolfe wasn’t expecting this type of fanfare, but millions of people have signed up. She is just getting started. It is only a matter of time before this become the app that is used for every social media need.

Networking and friendship building are also great elements that Whitney Wolfe is working on for her new extensions to the Bumble brand. She has shown that there is strength in innovation, and she has made it her mission to really do what it takes to take things to the next level. It is so surprise that Whitney Wolfe is successful. She has already shown people that she was serious about building dating apps when she gave people Tinder. Now she is back all over again with a new app. This time she is not the co-founder. This time Bumble is her solo app project.

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Securus Technologies Provides Correctional Facilities with Crucial Crime Prevention Solutions

Managing correctional facilities is a challenging task with significant risks. Smuggled contraband, corrupt staff, criminal activity and planning all fall under the responsibility of facility managers who must walk a fine line of prisoner treatment versus safety.


Securus Technologies offers technological solutions to help their clients manage these challenging situations. They offer a comprehensive suite of call, email, finance and administrative prisoner management options, and, so far, their customers are more than satisfied with the performance.


In a recent release, Securus published reviews from its customers, and a picture of a technology company that provides services advanced enough to meet legal standards emerged. Multiple clients credit Securus technology with direct prevention of criminal activity inside their correctional facilities. Through call monitoring, prison staff was alerted to contraband smuggled into and around the prison. Drugs, cell phones, and other dangerous materials were identified along with the identities of those responsible. In one notable case, Securus’ call monitoring identified a staff member as the culprit, and gave the facility enough evidence to end the corruption.


Crime prevention is one of Securus’ most helpful features, but what stands out sharply in this field is the reliable nature of that technology. As technological advances occur, the legal system frequently struggles to stay caught up, and innovative prisoners have the advantage. Securus provides innovative technology and related evidence that remains sound and defensible. The recordings and other security enhancements must be able to withstand scrutiny in a legal setting to be effective, and so far they have easily met that standard.


Securus Technologies is trusted with over one million inmates in thousands of facilities across the continent. If recent customer praise is any evidence, the company will be welcome in the correctional field for decades to come.