Rocketship Education – Highlighting the Difference Between Student Proficiency and Growth Metrics

Rocketship schools in Nashville are using a highly effective method to track each student’s progress. It is called the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP. It is a unique approach because it measures a student’s growth during the school year. Most assessments occur the year after. It highlights the difference between a proficiency score and a growth score.

Proficiency scores only reveal if a student is performing at grade level during a specific period of time. Growth scores measure the degree of learning regardless of the student’s starting point. The MAP method is critical, especially, to assist students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Poverty can hurt children in so many ways.

Impoverished students begin school and may never catch up with their peers. If they remain in school, the achievement gaps is noticeable for every subject they test in. Rocketship believes that an effective public school system should be able to close this gap and provide a level playing field for every student to achieve.

Rocketship’s mission is to bring about a major educational change for low-income communities. They offer a school model that is both sustainable and scalable. It helps students to excel through effective teaching and parental involvement at every step along the way.

Rocketship education provides an effective solution to education because of its core values:

  •  Authenticity – Transparency helps the company to assess its own growth and effectiveness in an honest and humble way.
  •  Community – Rocketship believes that community should be involved in the process. Parents get involved in the hiring process of teachers.
  •  Tenacity – Rocketship also pursues an aggressive agenda toward its goals of realizing ambitious outcomes for the organization.

Rocketship believes that all children deserve an education that is on par. Education is important. Children are the future of the world. An education opens doors and allows people to dream and accomplish.

Old Ways to Market With Market America

One of the most important factors to success is how well people can understand the market and keep up with it. The market is different now than even 10 years ago. For one thing, one of the most important factors to the changes in the market has been the emergence of smartphones and social media platforms. The methods for making money with Market America and similar opportunities are a lot different from eve 5 years ago. One of the reasons is that the search algorithms have changed so much throughout the years. Therefore, people had to make a ton of adjustments in order to keep successfully selling for Market America.

One of the ways that people used to be able to make money for Market America is through the use of what was known as article marketing. Article networks used to be one of the biggest traffic earners of the day. Many marketers were publishing articles with links to their site. They have also had their page ranks increase because of how important those links. However, the search algorithms have changed. As a result, people had to search for different ways to bring traffic to their site and then to Market America.

With all of the changes that have occurred online, the current phase of the market is the social phase. The person who is going to be the most successful is the one who is the most willing to interact with others. The one who is eager to build relationships while being patient is going to be the one who is going to gain the most traffic to his site. Therefore, one of the most effective strategies for Market America unfranchise business owners is to make himself known in the online social community of his choice. Once he is gains recognition, then he is going to get a lot of other benefits for his work.

Know the Secret Behind the Success of the American Media Personality, Ryan Seacrest

If there is a man who is hardworking in Hollywood, call him Ryan Seacrest. He has a very busy schedule, packed with different activities he needs to handle but still, none ever goes unattended.

Other than being a host of three radio shows, red carpers for E!, and American Idol, Ryan also runs a production company, a clothing line, Hosts New Year’s Eve, and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation charity.

His ability to consolidate things, a fast working speed, and efficiency have enabled Ryan to keep things in the flow. Handling the daily scheduled activities within that particular day is another discipline Ryan has mastered. For instance, he ensures that all his email is read and responded to shortly after receiving them. He also works with a great team, coming from the different places he works, who keep him updated of every division’s operation.

Since he has a radio show at six in the morning, Ryan wakes up at five of 15 minutes past, get prepared, takes some tea or coffee, and still manages to get to the studio before time. He also ensures that in his schedule there is always time for workouts.

Unlike many people, Ryan doesn’t rely on caffeine/ coffee to get his day running. Though he is a fan of coffee he doesn’t take it every day. Light is enough motivation for Ryan. Ryan is a completely impatient man and hates time wastage. This attitude has enabled him to always get things done quickly and timely.

Ryan’s media career started as early as the age of 16 in Atlanta. This was one of Ryan’s most exciting moment. It laid a foundation for the great experience he has in the industry, today. American Idol was, however, the greatest breakthrough for him.

Ryan Seacrest is a dropout of the University of Georgia. Having identified an opportunity that he wanted to pursue, he convinced his parents to allow him to quit school and give it a try.

Ryan Seacrest was born in 1974 in Georgia. He is today a famous TV presenter and a co-host of the American Idol. His production company is also the host of the Kardashians, which started as a simple barbecue.

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Betsy DeVos and Educational Reform

Betsy DeVos has lots of political experience, far more than many of her opponents realize. During the confirmation process for her appointment, many in the Senate seemed to be unaware of her background. The truth is that DeVos became politically active back when she was still Elisabeth Prince. Even in her student days, Betsy DeVos was a dedicated activist.


DeVos’ activism is not the kind that gets positive attention from the mainstream media these days. She advocates for big changes, the kind that are not necessarily. For example, she would love to see a return to the values of family and, particularly, education. This isn’t violent or crazy enough to get much attention. But DeVos believes that there has to be change if American children are to succeed out in the world.


One thing Betsy DeVos has championed is school choice. Today, there are over a quarter of a million students in publicly funded, private-choice programs across the US. This is because of advocates like her. When DeVos saw the success of school-choice programs in the Netherlands and states like Wisconsin, she wanted to bring that to others.


For the DeVos family, the issue of school choice is personal. Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos, is a product of the public school system in Grand Rapids. By the time he and Betsy were raising a family, though, it had deteriorated beyond belief. They were happy to be able to choose private schools for their children, but they noticed other parents’ struggle to do the same.


Although the DeVoses believe in philanthropy, they knew they could not fund scholarships for every child. And they knew working parents didn’t want charity. They just wanted something better for their children than what the public schools offered. Dick and Betsy DeVos threw themselves into local and state politics, and started agitating for change.


Now, after 30 years of advocacy, Betsy has risen to the top. Along the way, she sat on the board of non-profits with national reach devoted to education. She chaired the Michigan Republican Party. Although her opponents would have you believe she’s naive, she is anything but.


As Secretary of Education, she is fighting to make schools better for all American children. School choice should not just be for a privileged few. If public schools are failing in an area, students there deserve a better option. Though union officials are against this, DeVos is more than willing to meet with them and other doubters.


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Quality Brazilian Butt Lifts in Dallas

For individuals who are less than pleased with the appearance of their butt or those who simply want a change, Brazilian Butt Lifts are one of the most well-known procedures available. Today’s market for plastic surgery is extensive and deciding to have such a procedure is just the beginning of the process.

For those unfamiliar with the procedure, a Brazilian Butt Lift is ideal for those who want to change the way their posterior looks to make it more aesthetically pleasing, or due to sagging skin left after weight loss. The process consists of removing fat from elsewhere in the body, purifying it, then reintroducing it to the buttocks. To be an ideal candidate for this procedure an individual must have excess skin or fat that they want to be removed from their posterior, be able to maintain a stable weight as gaining or losing too much following the initial surgery may affect the results. It is also important that those choosing to have such a procedure work to tighten existing skin and tissue around their butt through proper dieting and exercise, a doctor can help determine what is best on a case-by-case basis. Non-smokers are preferred candidates as smoking can affect the bodies natural ability to heal following surgeries, the same goes for refraining from drinking alcohol in excess.

Each case is different and it is very important to find a doctor that is a perfect fit for you, whether that means somewhere close to home, the most experienced, or the most readily available. There are many all over the world who offer such procedures, but in Dallas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a great choice.


Understanding And Interpreting Corruption Perception Index

Transparency international and corruption perception index is a topic that almost all publications have published. However, it comes to light that very little about the process is known. According to Bruno Fagali little is known about the criteria, the source of information, how the results are explained or even how they get dimensioned. It is, however, vital for one to interpret the published indexes correctly. Understanding the indexes brings out elements necessary for the interpretation of the results.

As Bruno Fagali explains, the ranking does not define the measure of corruption in a nation accurately. Instead, it’s a ranking that gives the equivalent of the perception. As the name perception suggests, it’s not subjective. Instead, it’s equated to a feeling. Something not concrete. Then, how do Transparency International do to arrive at the publicized index? Let it be known that they don’t employ people to collect people’s perceptions on the streets. Instead, the data collected comes from three renowned institutions. The three institutions research for two years by conducting interviews and studies. The interviews may involve perceptions of the public sector in regards to corruption. The collected data is then sampled and compiled to produce the final result.


There are several points to note;

One, the research is carried out by different institutions. The commonly known include AFDB, World Bank, and the World Economic Forum. However, they may not research every country. For example, the geographical location of AFDB gives it an added advantage when conducting interviews in Africa.

The second point states that one country can have several institutions conducting research. At times, you will find nine different institutions conducting research. Brazil had eight different research while Poland had ten. While conducting the study, the institutions employ different methodologies.

Bruno Fagali continues to highlight that different methodologies come with different questions. The questions may range from the process of government nominations and appointments to general issues such as bribery. They may also involve academics, their experts, and even the general public.

Despite the indexes ratings, information supporting them is subjective and collected heterogeneously. Also, daily reports have a significant influence on the individuals conducting the research.

Bruno Fagali is a legal counsel and corporate integrity expert. He is based in Brazil and contributes to the cleaning of public contracts through integrity campaigns. He runs a private law firm (FAGALI Advocacy). His experience ranges from administrative law to regulatory law. Bruno Fagali is a graduate of Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.

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2 Advantages that Jeremy Goldstein See in Knockout Optionsvs Stock Options

Just like other legal councils that specialize in one area of the law, Jeremy Goldstein is well versed in compensation legal issues that help to support big businesses and their employee incentive programs. Therefore, whenever a company’s compensation area is thinking about updating or completely changing their compensation plans, they may turn to attorneys like Jeremy Goldstein for the advice that they need to make informed decisions. In fact, today, there is one common area in particular that companies and corporations are presently focused on, and that is changing significant parts of the employee incentive plans. So, based on the recommendations that Jeremy Goldstein and his recommendations, the company may be considering making huge changes on their stock option programs.


According to the most recent initiatives in the area of compensation, the stock options are being nixed and the Knockout options are taking center stage as a possible replacement. Typically, there are 2 primary advantages to why many companies are making this switch, and they are listed in the section provided to you below.


Advantages #1 – Minimizes Value of Company Stocks Dropping in Price


Even though the stock market makes great investments for those who like to gain more money on top of their annual company salaries, there is at least one downside to companies offering these kinds of incentives to their employees. One of the most common is the risks that people are taking when they are dealing with stocks that are considered to be highly volatile. Also, just like any other types of stocks, an employee’s shares of stocks can be risky too. Especially, because of the economic problems that exist today. Therefore, company stocks can be a very good deal in the long run or they may not hold the initial value that employee sees in the beginning. Learn more:



With this in mind, today’s companies can begin to minimize the risks in stock options by changing to Knockout options instead. According to information posted by Jeremy Goldstein, the Knockout option is considered to be a better deal, specifically when it is related to the up and down risks that are embedded in stock option incentives.




Advantages #2 – Company Saves Money


In addition to the company reducing risk by switching to the Knockout options, the company will have a chance to save money too. Because the competition is stiff and every company is trying to increase their profits, one of the proposed ways to accomplish their goals and objectives is to offer the Knockout option instead of the traditional stock option incentive programs. This alternative is considered to be a viable option to eliminating stock options without having a plan to replace them with other incentives for the employee.


Arpaio Will Be Behind Bars One Day

There is a war that is occurring between the 50 states that make up this great country of America. This is not a war fought with guns and the victory is not shown in the extension of borders. This is a war that is fought with words and ideas. Victory looks like love growing in the hearts of the American people.

The war I am discussing here is the war concerning immigration reform. There are two sides that are very passionate in their beliefs. On the one side you have those who advocate that we should allow anyone that wants to come into this country to enter without checking to see if they belong here. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Then on the other side you have people saying that no one should be allowed into this country and we only focus on our own.

In this war of ideas both sides seem to have some validity to them. However, I believe Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have the best all-around view when it comes to immigration reform.

They believe that America should not fully open the borders to allow people and because by doing so these people will not be successfully integrated into this great country.

However, by shutting our borders we forsake the American dream. They instead propose that we create a system in the government that allows for Hispanics to be moved safely from the moment of entry all the way to integration. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

In order to pull this off the United States of America must agree to allow a set amount of Hispanics into the country. This includes planning how many will come over that are connected to their families both teams and extended. The next step is to build temporary homes which will house the Hispanic community during their time of transition.

Thirdly, America must then provide education so that the Hispanic immigrants coming in can learn the necessary trades, techniques, and skills to add to this country. Fourthly, there must be corporations who agree to hire Hispanic workers so that they can be fully integrated.

While Michael and Jim have been proposing this idea Sheriff Joseph Arpaio has attacked them. He decided that the best way to defeat this compassionate view was to increase hostility toward the group of Hispanics.

He has been solely responsible for increasing the beatings that occur in his prisons, the amount of the tensions in deportations based on racial profiling, and has even were Hispanic men to death as if he was running a blog.

He also wanted to stop Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin from informing the world of what he has done. This led him to break a multitude of laws and violate the First Amendment.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were detained and he refused to let these two men go until they destroyed all magazines that discussed his crimes and agreed to shut down the media Corporation they work for and owned together. This led to Joseph Arpaio’s arrest.

Whitney Wolfe Removes Guns From Bumble

There are so many ways that you can decide to make a difference when you want to. For Whitney Wolfe the best way to do this was to ban gun photos from her dating app Bumble. That choice has shown a way to get a point across that will be noticed by those who want to see change. It shows that she won’t tolerate any of the things that are so often seen in the past. She has decided she will become a voice for those who don’t have one and that she wants her app to mean more than money. It’s a move that others are trying to do as well even if it isn’t always seen. We need more of this and we need someone will fully understand exactly what is need.

The ability to stand up for your values is an important one for everyone. That’s why people like her are being taken so seriously and why she has managed to do so much. People know that she understands what works best and that she is willing to do everything she can to get people into the mix. We have already seen what she is capable of and what can happen when she puts her mind to it. Now that is going to go towards making sure our culture changes the way it thinks about gun violence.

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There are so many reasons to get behind this new move and it’s not a surprise coming from her. She has made it a life goal to do everything she can to give the world progress through her feminist app. Bumble is a dating app that makes the women in control of conversation. Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder and now the CEO of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe was graduated from Southern Methodist University.

If we can see this continue to happen it’s going to make things very different in the near future. We won’t see so many of the things that often happen now. It will give a clear message if other CEOs join in and decide that they want to take a part as well. If that happens there’s going to be a new way of thinking about things and that might just put things in perspective. The future of our world is going to be formed through things like this. There is simply a need to find people who can step up and do it themselves. The world has seen so much in the past few months. Here’s hoping this does something to change the direction things are going down so far.

Doe Deere-article recap

Lime Crime took the internet by storm, and is well known for its wild color palettes, equally colorful names, and being vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime is a brilliant cosmetic company, developed by none other than the self-proclaimed ‘Unicorn Queen,’ Doe Deere. Lime Crime has over 3 million adoring fans, all avid supporters of one of the most interesting, fiercely independent, and memorable cosmetic companies.


Born in Russia, Doe Deere made a splash with her creativity when she journeyed to NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now based in Los Angeles, Doe Deere stays quite busy continually developing her business. Doe starts her day off by waking up, doing some stretches, and enjoying a light breakfast.


Before Doe heads out the door, she makes sure to dote on her feline companions. Of course, Doe makes sure to have her hair curled into its signature ringlets, and applies her makeup with perfection. Doe definitely makes listening to others a priority. So, amidst her busy schedule filled with meetings, Doe spends time using apps, texting, and more to communicate with her team members.


Lime Crime was invented out of necessity, as many great businesses are. When Doe decided to design her own fashion line, she realized that something was missing. There were no makeups available in the vibrant shades that she needed to make her looks complete. Even more important, there were not cosmetic companies who believed in producing vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics that were affordable, fun to wear, and accessible.


Lime Crime managed to shock the world, when Doe successfully built up a cult-like following of dedicated fans, nearly all online. When most cosmetic companies played it safe, Doe took a chance on marketing her wares online. She used video tutorials, giveaways, and made her cosmetics appear fun.


Doe Deere definitely is a ‘Unicorn Queen,’ as she espouses values like the importance of being yourself, expressing your individuality, and living life out loud. Lime Crime’s colors are not for the faint of heart. And, much like the unicorn that is the company’s mascot is magical and unique, Doe Deere thinks anyone who wears her makeup should embrace being unique too.


Doe Deere’s imagination, passion for innovation, and belief in strongly being authentically yourself has developed Lime Crime into the powerhouse that it is today. Cosmetic fans worldwide can enjoy purchasing lipsticks, foundation, eye makeups, and more to accent their equally bold fashion choices.


When not busy working at Lime Crime, or dreaming up new directions for her company, Doe Deere believes in giving back to others. Doe Deere makes donations regularly to various charities supporting animals and humans, and loves to be of service to others. When Doe attends various conventions related to business and entrepreneurship, she makes sure to dispense her wisdom gleaned over the years, and most importantly listen to others.


Lime Crime has a magical and bright future ahead, with Doe Deere at the helm. Doe’s vivid imagination continues to leave fans begging for more Lime Crime.


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